Course curriculum

  • 2


  • 3

    Setting Up Your Accounts

    • Freelance websites (1 hour max per website)

    • Signing up for Upwork: a Walk-through

    • Translation Websites 1: A Walk-through

    • Translation Websites 2 (1 hour max per website)

    • Translation agencies (1 hour max per agency)

    • How do Kudoz Points Help?

  • 4

    Starting Strategy

    • Pricing

    • Working for Free

    • Some Strategies for Starting Out

    • Sample Application Letter

  • 5


    • Active Marketing

    • Passive Marketing

    • Some General Marketing Strategies

    • Using LinkedIn for Marketing

    • Job alerts

    • Another way to Find Clients?

  • 6

    Getting Paid: What to do after you are assigned a job

  • 7

    Tips and Tricks

  • 8

    Closing Remarks

    • Closing Remarks

    • Thank You! And Bonus Resources

  • 9

    COVID-19 Update

    • COVID-19 Update

    • Webinars

    • Webinars 2

    • Linkedin

    • Webinars (Extra)

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just what the doctor ordered!

Daniel Steve Villarreal

"Robert's course is just what the doctor ordered! ...  First-rate course, and I recommend it unhesitatingly for both novice and non-novice (I just made that word up!) alike."

William Davalle

"Awesome course! I am a translator for over 4 years and this course helps me to make 20% more money per month. Once again thank you so much ! "

I think its more practical style gives it efficiency

Marcus Vinicius de Almeida Lins Santos

"It's a great course. I think its more practical style gives it efficiency. It helped me going straight to some things that I think will be useful in my career. Congratulations, Robert!"

Patrícia Caixeirinho

"I believe this course is a great tool to help me start translating again at a professional capacity. Kudos!"

Loyda Vindel

"Es una excelente herramienta para desarrollar mejor nuestros esfuerzos y habilidades como freelancers."

Soledad Ortiz Cejas

"It was exactly what I was looking for because before the course I had a lot of information but no idea of how to get it organized. I feel more confident now. Muchas gracias. :D"